Rick and Morty showrunner Dan Harmon responds to fan complaints over season 5 leaks

Rick and Morty: Adult Swim release trailer for season five

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The fifth season of Rick and Morty is well underway, and viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of the third episode this Sunday. New instalments are released every week on Adult Swim, and Netflix in some territories, but some fans have been spotting online spoilers days before getting their hands on the next adventure.

Dan Harmon has responded to a Rick and Morty fan who complained about the openings of each episode being released to fans each Friday.

The showrunner indicated he wasn’t aware of the show’s new promotional material after one follower commented on his latest Instagram post.

Teasing the latest episode, ‘Mortyplicity’, on Sunday night, one of the show’s dedicated viewers admitted they were frustrated with the early sneak peeks.

They commented: “Okay, part of me really loves the fan service with the Friday cold open teasers for other peoples’ sake but like I want the whole episode at once on Sunday as promised.”

“And now people are analyzing the opening scene and posting spoiler geek-out videos by like slightly later on Friday.”

Finally, the fan confessed: “I just need to avoid rick and morty on the internet to appreciate new seasons.”

Rick and Morty airs on Adult Swim’s live stream at 11pm, leaving some viewers no option but to stay up late to catch the next episode before spoilers hit the web on Monday morning.

However, the latest slew of cold open teasers have meant speculation and theories are already seeping into online message forums and social media days before the actual episodes come out.

Harmon replied: “Are they airing the cold opens on Fridays?”

Though he didn’t confirm he’d be able to solve the issue, he indicated he wasn’t aware Adult Swim had been releasing the episode openers so early.

The minute-long opening scene to ‘Mortyplicity’ was released on YouTube on Friday, and quickly racked up over 3.5 million views.

Unfortunately, some Rick and Morty fans may have gotten a clearer idea of the episode than they wanted before heading in blind on Sunday night.

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Although other commenters maintained the new release plan wasn’t an issue, others agreed with the initial complaint and vented their spoiler concerns in the replies.

One follower chimed in: “I can see the reason behind it, people get hyped for the episode, but I agree with @shinyfromlot that you basically have to stay off the interwebs 1 hour after anything you care about airs.

“People used to avoid spoilers. Now they are in the title/thumbnails of their videos.”

While a second added: “Yeah I’ve been avoiding them as best I can.”

Although a third hit back: “You don’t actually have to watch those things. Just be a little more patient.”

Even so, the widespread spoilers seem to be inescapable for some Rick and Morty fans unless they avoid the internet altogether before seeing the episode.

There could also be further issues down the line for viewers who live in countries like the UK, for example, who have to wait until the new episodes are available on All4 the following Monday.

Rick and Morty season 5 continues Sundays on Adult Swim.

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