Rocky devastates Sonia with a secret in EastEnders

Secrets never stay secret for long in EastEnders, and that is certainly set to be the case for Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) in upcoming episodes.

His relationship with Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) has been going strong. So strong, in fact, that she wants to set a date for their wedding.

However, as she prepares to meet with the Vicar, Rocky grows concerned that his past may catch up with him.

As Rocky dwells on his secret, he struggles to contain his guilt as he overhears Kathy gushing about her second chance at love.

He takes himself into the backyard, where his peace is shattered by a concerned Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) who is completely unprepared for what he tells her.

Guilt ridden Rocky blurts out his big secret, revealing that he got married 25 years ago and was never divorced.

‘[Sonia is] obviously devastated, and very upset and annoyed with him’, actor Brian Conley revealed.

‘She feels like he’s done this again, because of what happened with their relationship in Rocky pretending that he was her dad.

‘She does slowly sympathise with Rocky because of what Reiss says and I think she knows that Rocky really does love Kathy.’

Sonia is stunned by the unexpected confession and, disgusted, leaves him with a classic ultimatum: Tell Kathy by the end of the day, or she will.

Rocky heads to meet with Kathy and the Vicar, and, ignoring Sonia’s warning, continues to lie about his secret past.

Elsewhere, after confiding Rocky’s predicament with Reiss (Jonny Freeman), Sonia is convinced to take a more sympathetic view, and ends up regretting pressuring Rocky into a confession.

She rushes over to stop him from telling Kathy anything, and together with Reiss they work out a plan, leaving Rocky feeling much more optimistic about his future.

With Rocky’s wife set to arrive on the Square in upcoming episodes, we can’t imagine this will stay a secret for long…

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