Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas leave fans in floods of tears as they perform song dedicated to their late dad

THE Thomas brothers performed a special song dedicated to their late dad on Father's Day.

Twins Adam and Scott, both 32, belted out their own rendition of Lionel Ritchie's Easy in the car to pay tribute to soul singer Dougie, who died last year.

The '70s music legend, who toured with The Jackson 5 with his band Dougie James And The Soul Train, passed away aged 72 in November 2020.

Later on in the day, to mark their first Fathers' day without their dad, Adam, Scott and older brother Ryan, 37, decided to create another video of them singing Dobie Gray's song Drift Away.

Emmerdale actor Adam shared the footage on Instagram for his 979k followers to enjoy and his adorable six-year-old son Teddy made an appearance on stage.

He captioned the post: "This one's for you Father ❤️Happy Father’s Day Dad!! I know you were with us this day dad watching with a big smile on your face ❤️.

"This ones for you dad and for anyone who has lost a dad, a mum or any family member for that matter, our love goes to you guys today!

"We hope this puts a smile on your face too ❤️.

"We learnt so much from you father… just wish singing was one of them 🤣🤣🤣.

"Love the three dougettes ❤️ @ryanthomas84 @scott.thomas."

The Waterloo Road actor went on to give an insight into what was said on the day that they said their final goodbyes to Dougie.

Adam shared: "I wrote a few words for my dad at his funeral which I thought I’d share with you guys ❤️.

"To see my dads face again … to see him walking down the street, with his hands clutched behind his Back, and his head down low and sometimes a dog in tow.

"My dad was very much a closed book, he was a hard man to read, but every chapter of his life was a story to tell… from his days with the Jackson 5 to when he invited me and the boys to see him and James brown live…

"I’ll always cherish those moments at @thespinn_ with him… he would be sat with a glass of southern comfort, one cube of ice not two, and we’d talk about the old days and I’d tell him how much I loved him, and how he loved me too…"

He continued: "I’d always ask him about the times when he wasn’t there, but I could never get any answers he just sit and stare.

"But that was my dad and I wouldn’t have it any other way…he was always my sunshine on a cloudy day.

"What I can’t comprehend is the fact that I’ll be gone one day, and my kids will feel the pain and sorrow that am feeling today… so this is a message to them which am sure my dad would agree…

"Don’t worry about me…live and love your life, be happy and free x."

The video ended with a clip of Dougie singing the same song many years ago with his sons.

Fans flocked to the comments section to show their love and support.

One wrote: "That made me cry!!! You boys are such a credit to your parents…. your Dad will have been with you and beaming with pride. Absolutely beautiful and such good voices!!! ❤️ The first.one is always the hardest.lads …. Big hugs xxx."

Another said: "I lost my dad 4 weeks ago but this put a smile on my face, thank you ☺️ ❤️."

A third added: "balling my eyes out !!!"

A fourth chimed in: "why am I crying?! Love this! This is what you need on a Sunday ❤️."

The reason behind Dougie's death is not known.

However, his brother Barry said at the time: "Thanks to Ryan, Scott and Adam for letting me know the legend that was my brother Dougie James has passed away.

"Thanks for the laughs the musical education bro, see you on the other side."

Back in 2019 Dougie starred in an ITV documentary called Mancs In Mumbai alongside the trio and they travelled to India to explore their heritage.

Soon after twins Adam and Scott were born Dougie split from the boys' mum and weren't in the same room togeher until ther 21st birthday.

The trio will certainly treasure their time spent with him on the show, and Adam said: "Getting to take him along on this journey with us was very special. It's pretty much his show, he steals this show from start to finish.

"So he was finding out about his dad, but we were also finding out about our dad also."

Dougie was raised in Wythenshawe and found fame in Soul Train.

He starred in the band alongside his brother Barry, Red Hoffman, Bo Lee, Lyn Oakie, Neil Shaw-Hulme and Ian Laing.

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