Shep Rose from 'Southern Charm' Said Video That Angered Fans Was a 'Stupid Joke and Bad Idea'

After toying with fans for the past day, Shep Rose from Southern Charm issued an explanation for his behavior on a video he shared to his Instagram story.

Rose shared a video where he is seen interacting with a woman who appears to be homeless. The now-deleted video captured Rose asking the woman about the cans she was collecting. “Look at me, nice cans! I mean, the cans you have!” he said in a mocking tone, People reports. The woman shoots back at Rose as she covers her face, “No! No!”

He then wrote on his story, “I love double entendres. Yes she was camera shy. But she laughed.” While Rose perhaps saw the humor in the encounter, fans were not laughing. They not only slammed the 39-year-old on social media but also demanded that Bravo and Andy Cohen fire him.

Rose jabbed at social media followers who commented

When Rose was confronted about his behavior on social media, he took a jocular and mocking stance toward the seemingly serious remarks. In some cases, he told people to just unfollow him if they were upset about the video.

In other instances, Rose gave it back to people who lashed out at him on Twitter. He directly addressed one Twitter follower who posted the video Rose shared and admonished him for his behavior.

“Omg. I offended you! Ok,” he wrote. “Here’s the plan, sensitivity training 5 times a week. Then intensive therapy (hot yoga?) followed by a public flogging in the town square.Then i move to Siberia and live in an igloo for 4 months. At this point. I think I’ll be cleansed of your disapproval.”

Eventually, he addressed the backlash (but did he apologize?)

After numerous exchanges and mounting articles about the incident, Rose finally admitted it was a bad move. “I know some people were upset about the video from Sunday night. It was a stupid joke and bad idea all around. Also a bit out of context. I spent a few minutes with her talking and telling jokes. She laughed a little. But Yeah, wasn’t cool or funny. Mea culpa.”

A few fans seem to be ready to accept Rose’s explanation and move on. “Just a honest foot in mouth situation…..We all make mistakes and those who dont are liars..,” one person wrote on the thread. But, for the most part, those who accepted his explanation agreed it was not funny. “I’m glad you apologized because It wasn’t Funny,” another person wrote.

But several fans are still angry, especially because they did not view his tweet as an apology. “Funny how you stood by your video & told people to unfollow you if they didn’t like it, but now that there’s articles out about it & people are demanding you get booted from the show, NOW you apologize? I was always a Shep fan since season one. Not sure how I feel now,” one former fan wrote.

Others were upset with the way Rose acted before the story went viral. “The way you responded to some fans was not cool, either.” One person suggested Rose take sensitivity training.

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