Simon Cowell weight loss: How did the Britain’s Got Talent judge lose weight? – The Sun

X FACTOR boss Simon Cowell's diet and lifestyle change resulted in the star looking much trimmer.

Simon later revealed his incredible weight loss secret. Here's what we know.

How much weight has Simon Cowell lost?

Simon has lost 4st (60lbs) after embarking on a health and fitness regime.

He admits he used to binge on sausage rolls, hamburgers and his favourite jam tarts made by his personal chefs.

However, since ditching his unhealthy lifestyle he reveals he has managed to drop four waist sizes.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Simon said: “The most dramatic period was the first month where most of the weight comes off and you look at yourself and think ‘wow’."

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How did Simon Cowell lose weight?

Simon overhauled his diet after suffering a fall on his stairs inside his London home October 2017.

The mogul blamed his injuries on his unhealthy lifestyle where he “lived like a vampire” staying awake till 8am every morning.

On his new diet, he explains: “All I do is avoid just red meat – white meat is fine – and I eat loads of vegetables, salads and drink this great beer.

“If you’re on a diet you have to keep the food sensible, but it’s got to be interesting and tasty, then the diet’s surprisingly easy."

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When discussing keeping healthy in lockdown, Cowell says: “I’m doing a bit of cooking. I’m exercising. Funny enough, more during this time as well, sticking to the diet.”

The Britain’s Got Talent judge admits his biggest challenge maintaining his healthy ways is his growing envy towards six-year-old son Eric’s eating habits.

He added: “The only difficult thing is when Eric orders a pizza . . . that’s the number one thing I miss.”

Is Simon Cowell following a vegan diet?

Simon hinted that he was planning on following a vegan diet.

He told Dan Wootton in April 2019 that he had cut out meat, dairy, wheat, sugar and was planning to ditch fish too.

Simon said at the time: “A friend of mine, who is a doctor, recommended speaking to an expert, and I did it on a whim.

“I was allergic to melon, so I didn’t eat it for six months, but I saw this man and he explained it and it made sense.

“Within 24 hours I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better.

“I cut out a lot of the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating and that was primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar — those were the four main things.”

He then said: "I can eat fish but this year I will go the whole way.”

However in an interview with The Sun in January 2020, he admitted he still eats white meat such as chicken and turkey.

Simon added: “All I do is avoid just red meat – white meat is fine – and I eat loads of vegetables, salads and drink this great beer."

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