‘So emotional!’ A Place in the Sun couple burst into tears over ‘magical French property

A Place in the Sun: Couple tear up over property

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A Place in the Sun visited Limousin in France on Tuesday’s episode of the Channel 4 property show. Presenter Jean Johansson toured couple Sue and Chris around the area in an attempt to find their dream holiday home. With a maximum budget of £90,000, Jean knew she had a challenge on her hands, but still managed to find some properties that ticked almost all their boxes. The host impressed the couple so much with one property, they were instantly reduced to tears.

Before their property search began, Sue and Chris told Jean they were looking for a rural house with a minimum of two bedrooms.

They also made it clear they’d like to have a spacious garden area and an additional outbuilding for Chris’ music work.

“I will be able to get you some of those things,” Jean said.

The presenter hinted the couple may have to make some compromises as a result of their limited budget.

Eager to get things started, Jean whisked the house hunters off to a number of properties.

She struggled to initially impress Chris and Sue, who didn’t want to spend too much money on redecorating.

However, upon arriving at the fourth property the couple were lost for words before they’d even ventured inside.

As they stood outside the French cottage, Sue claimed she was “speechless”.

“Oh dear,” she remarked, as she began to well up. “That is so pretty.”

“The view!” Chris exclaimed, with Sue adding: “Yes, it’s lovely.”

“Oh, Sue, you’re welling up,” Jean commented, with Chris confessing he was becoming tearful too.

Thrilled with the couple’s reaction, Jean exclaimed: “I’ve made you cry… in a good way!

“What’s made you two so emotional?” The presenter asked.

“The location,” Sue replied. “This is a little country cottage garden that I wanted to start at the other properties, but it’s already been done.”

“It’s just picture perfect,” Chris remarked, with Sue agreeing: “It’s better than I dreamed. It looks quite large.”

Before heading inside, Jean shared more details about the property with the couple.

She explained: “This has got three bedrooms, two bathrooms, you can drive your motorhome right in here, and Chris there’s a big woodshed that I think’s big enough for a music studio if you wanted to convert that.”

“Fantastic,” Chris said, before branding the French cottage “magical”.

Jean revealed the house was on the market for £90,000 maxing out their budget.

After looking around the inside of the property Chris and Sue still loved it, but confessed it did need some work.

However, when their property search came to an end, there was another cottage that stole their hearts.

The couple ended up buying a smaller property that had been newly renovated for just £80,000.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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