Spoilers: Amelia in Emmerdale causes huge concern with self image obsession

Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) is set to spend more time online and scrolling her phone in upcoming Emmerdale episodes as it becomes apparent she’s getting obsessed with self-image.

We’ve seen Amelia’s confidence take a bit of a knock in recent weeks.

After she dressed to impress, Amelia was left upset when Noah (Jack Downham) cruelly told her no-one would ever go out with her, not even if she wore loads of makeup.

Now, Amelia has turned her attention to social media, finding it fascinating an online influencer can bag a deal with a sports brand and earn loads of cash.

This causes problems for her dad, Dan (Liam Fox), who doesn’t really understand the love teenager’s have for the online world.

Coming up, Amelia’s narked when Kerry (Laura Norton) jokes about the amount of filters she keeps using on her selfies.

Amelia is hurt, but is there something more worrying at the root of this?

Where could things lead for Amelia if she becomes so consumed by fake imagery and editing her pictures so much just to gain likes on social media?

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