Spoilers: Carla's violence revelation seals Robert's fate in Corrie

Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) is in a whole heap of trouble in Coronation Street – with Vicky Jeffries (Kerri Quinn) missing and presumed dead following an altercation with him, he finds himself facing murder charges.

After Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) exposed his cheating to the wedding congregation and had her revenge, things got even worse when Tyler showed up and demanded to know what Robert had done to his mum.

We had seen Robert aggressively argue with Vicky and a neighbour overheard some crashing before Robert then told Michelle that there was no chance of Vicky showing up at the wedding – she had been dealt with.

Now that she is nowhere to be found, the police suspect foul play and start questioning those who know Robert. Tonight, Carla (Alison King) is asked about her knowledge and history of Robert and she confirms his previous violent behaviour, making things worse for him.

And Michelle isn’t going to make things easy for her ex either, as she makes sure the police are aware of his steroid addiction too. With Robert protesting his innocence, is he being set up – or does he truly have a guilty secret?

It’s the beginning of the end for the character, who will bow out in dramatic circumstances at the end of the year – but Vicky’s fate remains unknown for now. While some fans reckon she has been killed, others suspect that she and Michelle may be working together to frame Robert.

The storyline is also leading to the departure of Michelle, who will sell the bistro to a mystery buyer – who turns out to be sleazy Ray, much to her horror. But before she leaves Weatherfield for a new life, she takes pleasure in smashing up the venue that has brought her so much heartache.

Coronation Street continues on Friday 6 December at 7:30pm on ITV.

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