Spoilers: Mandy in Emmerdale prepares to kill to save Vinny?

Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) in Emmerdale has been in the dark about Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) returning to gambling for weeks.

Mandy has been desperate for herself, Paul and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) to be a happy, normal family, but with Paul’s gambling addiction taking control of him and Lisa Riley already promising 2021 to be the darkest year yet for Mandy, normal is the last thing on the way for these three.

Coming up, Connor turns up at the scrapyard and Paul scrambles to make excuses, knowing he’s short on the amount he owes him. As Connor warns time is up, he brandishes a metal bar and Paul is left fearing for his life.

Mandy receives a voicemail from Paul telling her he’s in trouble and she rushes to meet him and is stunned to see a Connor pull up in a van and violently kidnap him right in front of her. Connor demands Mandy pay £4K in ransom by tomorrow if she wants to see Paul alive again. With everyone skint, Mandy and a distraught Vinny struggle to round up the money.

With huge scenes coming up, Lisa Riley revealed what’s to come, and whether Mandy is prepared to kill someone in order to protect her son:

‘As Vinny tells Mandy off, she goes into rescue mode. She is doing it for Vinny, not Paul. Mandy is screaming down the phone to Cain and Charity but everyone is struggling – she has no-one to go to and can’t get the money.

She goes old school Mandy – pulls her sleeves up, rough and ready and will take on 50 men if she has to. Fearless Mandy is back!’

Lisa continued, adding the lengths Mandy goes to so she can bring out the Dingle in her!

‘We had a full day of seeing Mandy trying anything. Mandy disappears – she will use force, she will go that far for them. I have never used a cricket bat – I have more clothes than Kate Middleton!

They constantly have new ideas. There’s a slot in her coat for a cricket bat, only in Mandy Dingle’s world!’

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