Spoilers: Sean furious this Christmas in Corrie as Todd kisses Laurence

Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) continues to pursue Laurence Reeves (Robert Shaw Cameron) in Coronation Street – and that understandably annoys Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) greatly.

Things went awry for the couple a few weeks ago, when Sean learnt that Laurence was previously married to a woman and never told him about it.

Coming up, now back together, Laurence suggests to Sean that they have a trip away after Christmas.

Sean agrees and sets about packing his suitcase but meanwhile, Todd sees Laurence surreptitiously send a text – leaving him suspicious.

As Sean announces that he and Dylan (Liam McCheyne) are off to the Peaks with Laurence, Eileen (Sue Cleaver) and George (Tony Maudsley) clock Todd’s jealousy.

Back home after their night away, Sean and Dylan have clearly enjoyed themselves but it’s clear there is something on Laurence’s mind.

Alone with Todd, Laurence tells him that it’s clear he doesn’t like him and would welcome a chance to change his mind.

Todd thaws over a bottle of wine and when Laurence goes to leave, Todd leans in for a kiss.

With the new year approaching, Todd attempts to make peace by apologising to Sean for coming onto Laurence.

However, when he insists their flirting was mutual – Sean loses his temper.

So, let’s review things with Laurence.

Is he a bad guy?

Does he actually want to be with Todd and if so, why hasn’t he dumped Sean yet?

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