The Apprentice fired candidate reveals her boardroom scene was 'cut from show'

Lubna Farhan was the latest candidate to be fired on The Apprentice and following her exit, the 33-year-old revealed that her final scene in the boardroom with Lord Sugar was completely cut from the show.

On tonight’s episode the candidates got to have a bit of fun with their challenge as their project was to design, make and sell their own range of electric bikes. However, when it came to Lubna’s team, things didn’t go as planned and they failed the task.

Each team needed to create a prototype e-bike, then plan and host their own launch event where they attempted to sell their products to some of the UK’s biggest cycle retailers.

Despite being pleased to have left the show, the mum-of-two exclusively told that they didn’t show her response to Lord Sugar when she was fired.

‘I contributed to every single element in the task and in the boardroom when Lord Sugar asked me “what did you do?” my actual answer wasn’t the answer that was shown on TV,’ she explained.

‘I gave him a list of things that I did and they didn’t show it.

‘Scarlett and Tommy were actually having an argument in the boardroom and I broke the argument up.  Tommy did lose his temper several times during the process and I did calm him down a lot, and that wasn’t shown either.’

Lubna went on to explain the reasons why she believes the producers choose not to air certain parts of the show.

She continued: ‘I understand that not everything can be shown but I did that think that in a way things are edited to justify Lord Sugar’s decision in terms of who he is firing, rather than showing the balanced view.

‘When I gave him a list of things I did during the task, they showed me answering a different question, that’s why it looks weird on the show.’

Lubna said she believes Lord Sugar made the right decision, although she wasn’t the reason they failed the task.

She added: ‘I am happy I got fired, I missed my kids and I wasn’t going to be an attention seeker or throw anyone under the bus to stay and I certainly wasn’t going to grovel to Lord Sugar, I know my worth.

‘I think that he needed to decide who he wants to be in business with and if he felt I wasn’t the right person then he made the right decision for him. I was not the failure of the task, I wasn’t the person who designed the bike and I wasn’t the one selling them.

‘I can’t even ride a bike so I wasn’t going to try and blag selling one. I think because I am a nice person and I’m quiet they used that as a weakness against me to throw me under the bus and Lord Sugar did fire me.

‘There’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself but if you’re knocking someone else down while you’re doing it, it’s not nice or professional.’

Talking about her fellow candidates, Lubna admitted that people with the ‘loudest voices’ got more air time.

‘I don’t think the loudness of someone’s voice reflects their contribution,’ she said.

‘A lot of times people don’t do a lot, but they talk too much and then they get into arguments and that’s when they get the air time.

‘I did actually contribute in every single area and I gave the bike name and my bike name was chosen but because of various reasons we couldn’t use it in the end.

‘Everyone throws everyone under the bus, I left my job to go on the show, I left my kids and husband but everyone is out for themselves.

‘No one is there to make friends, you just make friends by accident, because you’re living with them.’

The Apprentice continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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