The Apprentices Shama Amin addresses fans claims that show is prejudice

The Apprentice's Shama Amin has broken her silence after quitting the popular BBC programme, as fans claimed she was treated with "prejudice" due to her medical condition.

In the most recent episode of the show, fans were completely taken aback by the shock exit that saw Bradford-born Shama Amin leave the show because of her health condition.

Shama suffered from rheumatoid arthritis long before appearing on the show, and it was because of this pre-existing health issue that she was forced to quit The Apprentice.

Speaking about her departure, Shama said: "Because of medical reasons, due to this process being so physically demanding, despite the efforts the whole team has made to support me, I’ve had to make a difficult decision to leave the process.”

Fans were quick to take to social media to discuss her departure, with one penning: "Very saddened to see a disabled candidate drop out The Apprentice process to be Lord Sugar's next business partner. Just feel it was a missed opportunity to reasonably adj. More equality is needed in employment for those with disabilities."

A second wrote: "Did Shama leave because of arthritis, or was it because those awful people were consistently awful to her?"

While a third penned: "Wouldn’t be surprised if she just dipped because they treated her like s*** the last two weeks, big love queen Shama."

Another added: "Lord Sugar appears to have missed the last 22 years of the equality act and the very well established duty to make reasonable adjustments for employees, applicants and service users…"

But Shama has been quick to clear up any claims of discrimination. She said: "I honestly could not have asked for them to do any more. They were so nice.

"If we had a break the team would be pulling me out a chair so I could get as much rest as possible.

"Honestly, they couldn’t have done any more. I understand we had a job to do, and we were there to make this show.

"I would have never expected them to try and accommodate seven days rest period for me – this was the medical advice we were given, and I had to make that decision to let them carry on. All I’ve got is praise for the whole team."

She then added: "To know that when people say it’s physically demanding, I really cannot stress how true that is!

"But there’s absolutely no discrimination. The team do everything they possibly can, regardless of who you are. I’d been honest from the start about this condition, and they did everything they could to accommodate me and make me comfortable.

"It’s nature; this is a natural health condition and there is only so much that is within our human control."

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