'The Bachelorette': What Is Ryan Fox Doing Now?

The premiere of Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette went off without many hitches. There was surprisingly little drama and most of the men seemed to genuinely be interested in Michelle. However, one contestant couldn’t even make it through the first night without showing huge red flags. So, what is Ryan Fox up to now after crashing and burning on The Bachelorette?

What happened with Ryan Fox on ‘The Bahelorette’?

[This article contains spoilers for The Bachelorette]

In a deviation from the way things usually go on The Bachelorette, hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe decided to surprise some of the contestants and raid their hotel rooms. While going through Ryan’s room, they found a folder with some questionable notes inside.

“I remember going in and seeing some of these documents and they were talking about who to act like on previous seasons, how to not be the villain, how to get the most time, so it was it was very eye-opening,” Kaitlyn told Entertainment Tonight. “… It looked like he was a very big fan of the show.”

Michelle liked Ryan

Of course, Kaitlyn and Tayshia didn’t tell Michelle about the notes prior to her meeting Ryan (the drama must go on.) So, Michelle went into her relationship with Ryan with an open mind.

He showed up later in the episode in an ice cream truck saying, “Did someone named Michelle order a double scoop of love?” Michelle was impressed that Ryan did his research and remembered that she liked sweets.

During the cocktail party, Ryan took Michelle to the ice cream truck for some dessert.

“This man already gets brownie points,” Michelle told the cameras. “I feel like ice cream is kind of like the way to my heart.”

The two bonded and Ryan told her that he was a coach for the Special Olympics, which endeared her to him.

“I really did feel a connection with him right off the bat,” Michelle told the cameras.

Michelle sent Ryan home on night one of ‘The Bachelorette’

The connection didn’t last as eventually Tayshia and Kaitlyn did reveal what they had found. Despite the evidence against him, Michelle decided to give Ryan a chance to explain himself.

“I think the hardest part with all of these situations coming in, is it truly is your first impression,” she told ET of why she confronted him. “I have some good friends who I didn’t have a good first impression with them and now we are extremely close. I think it was hard because you are trying to make a decision that is best for you, and you want to fall in love and you want to make sure you don’t send the wrong person home.”

In the end, Michelle sent Ryan home.

“I’m a stick-to-my-guns person for the most part,” she said. “When I’m thinking through things, I try to be logical. I have emotions, but also try to see if my heart and my head are in sync. I feel like I made the right decision.

What is Ryan doing post-‘The Bachelorette’?

Ryan watched the premiere episode while drinking wine and posting to his Instagram Stories. According to his Instagram, it seems the former rose hopeful has been keeping himself busy by focusing on his business, Fox Onsite Solutions, an environmental consulting firm. He’s also been hitting the gym and doing triathlons. So, it doesn’t seem like he’s too heartbroken.

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