The Blacklist season 9 theory: Ressler to face arrest after glaring promo clue

The Blacklist returns on Friday on NBC

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NBC’s hit crime series, The Blacklist could take a major turn after several clues in the previous episodes could lead to a new major storyline. After lying on a drugs test fans are convinced Donald Ressler (played by Diego Klattenhoff) could face a shocking arrest

The synopsis for the upcoming episode 16 read: “Red chases a lead that could shed light on both Liz’s death and Cooper’s blackmailing.

“The Task Force experiences a major shakeup when one of their own is taken into custody.”

With one of the agents facing potential arrest, fans have been attempting to figure out who it could be.

While three members of the Task Force could potentially be taken into custody viewers are convinced the episode could see Ressler get arrested.

Earlier in the year, special agent Ressler used Alina Park (Laura Sohn) to help cut corners and fake a drug test.

While she agreed to help him keep his job, Park threatened to expose the agent and gave him an ultimatum, if he didn’t get his life together.

She told Ressler: “Helping you cheat the drug test so you wouldn’t lose your job to addiction like my mom lost hers, she fell apart after that so I figured if I helped you, you wouldn’t.

“Well, I’m done helping you and if you don’t help yourself, I’ll tell Cooper about the drug test,” she threatened.

When season nine returned in October, it also brought back Ressler’s battle with drug addiction.

The instalment featured a two-year time jump and gave viewers an insight into what the task force were doing during that period as the team had disbanded after Liz Keene’s (Megan Boone) death in the season eight finale.

The episode titled ‘Between Asleep & Awake’ was filled with flashbacks into Ressler’s life within the two years.

While others on the team had propelled professionally elsewhere, Ressler was struggling to come to terms with Liz’s death.

Not only were the two close friends and colleagues, they also had a romantic relationship but agreed to remain friends after their break-up.

After suffering a major car crash, Ressler had relapsed back into his prescription pill addiction.

The first time viewers gained insight into his addiction was in season two when he was seen regularly taking pills.

This turned into an addiction after a severe leg injury and the death of his fiancee Audrey Bidwell (Emily Tremaine).

As Park’s mother died from drug addiction when she was young she was quick to notice the agent had used eye drops to dilute his test into a negative result.

While she agreed to help him, Ressler also responded to her threats and made her aware she would be in just as much trouble.

However, she didn’t care and snapped back: “That’s right, it’s called taking responsibility for your actions, something you’re clearly incapable of, shut the door on your way out.”

With Park no longer caring about getting herself into trouble it’s likely the upcoming episode could see Ressler arrested for faking his test.

The Blacklist is available in the US on NBC. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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