The Chase's Bradley Walsh rages 'I'm treated with no respect!' as he loses cool with rule-breaking contestant

THE Chase's Bradley Walsh raged 'I'm treated with no respect!' as he lost his cool with a rule-breaking contestant.

Wednesday's edition of the ITV quiz show saw Bradley, 61, meet third contestant in the team, Karoline.

Karoline secured £5,000 in her cash builder and opted to try and play for that during her head to head with Chaser Paul Sinha.

When she was one question from home, Bradley read out what they hoped would be her final question.

But clearly excited that she knew the answer, Karoline pressed her button before Bradley could finish it.

He scolded: "That’s the second player who’s pressed before I’ve finished.”

Karoline apologised and said: "Sorry, I was just excited!”

But Bradley continued: "I'm not having it…I’m treated with no respect on this show."

As he looked grumpy, Karoline did a happy dance and laughed, before discovering her answer was right and she had made it safely back to the team.

Earlier, fellow contestant Tom had done the same thing and pressed his buzzer too early.

Bradley warned him: "I could penalise you for that. Going in too early when we haven't finished the question… You can't do that."

As Tom laughed Bradley said: "Don't stand there laughing, it's not funny."

However, the cheeky contestant continued to chuckle so Bradley playfully slapped him around the back of the neck and said: "That's what you get."

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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