The Chase's most outrageous moments ever – from Bradley Walsh smashing up the set to mortifying Chaser blunders

FOR 11 years The Chase has been wowing fans with incredible final moments, huge prize wins, and shocking moments.

Hosted by Bradley Walsh, the television quiz show broadcast is on ITV and see contestants play against a professional quizzer, known as the chaser, who attempts to prevent them from winning a cash prize.

Over the years, fans have taken to social media to discuss the most surprising moments, such as…

The time a player kept changing tactics…

Chaser Mark 'Beast' Labbett was left stunned when a player changed her tactics on the quiz show- and made it back for the final Chase.

Mark, 55, was bamboozled by Dolores when she switched up her advice to her fellow contestants during their cash builders and then scraped through to the final chase.

Dolores told maths teacher Paul to take the high offer, retired doorman Paul to take the low offer, and Arlene to take the middle offer.

Mark said to host Bradley Walsh: "Dolores set a show record there for the quickest change of advice ever."

When the player wanted to win and 'rent a chap'…

Players often have lots of different reasons for wanting to win the cash prize.

But one contestant truly shocked Bradley when she explained: "My husband and I used to travel a lot.

"We loved travelling, and now I’m alone I find it difficult, so I’m going to rent a chap to take along with me, carry my baggage, pour my gin and tonic, and perhaps dance with me in the evening."

Bradley joked: "Shirley, I’m going to start a company called 'rent a chap', the new RAC. Rent a chap. That’s what we are going to do. I’ll find you someone."

When players give the same wrong answer…

During the final round the chaser tries to beat the players by answering more questions, but if they get one wrong, the players can force the chaser back a spot.

Yet it's surprising how many contestants give the same wrong answer as the chaser.

During one episode The Beast was asked what variety of vegetable a Cinderella was during the Final Chase. 

After answering potato wrongly, it was the team’s chance to push back, and they also answered a potato.

In 2016, it also happened when The Beast said the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame was in Dayton, which the team also said when they were asked.

The correct answer is Cleveland.

Even host Bradley gets it wrong sometimes…

With £20,000 on the line and a full team in the Final Chase, Bradley asked the players: "How many members performed with iconic 60s band The Monkees?"

But he told them their answer "four" was incorrect, when it wasn't.

However, the one answer wouldn't have made much difference, as chase Shaun easily beat them with time to spare.

Bradley overlooked his error by telling the team: “Do you know what pushbacks wouldn’t have made a difference. That’s the way it goes.”

Bradley smashes up the set…

In 2018 it was revealed Bradley broke The Chase set when filming the game show, and the blunder would be shown in the programme's spin-off show.

The 60-year-old  was so hyped-up in an episode of the quiz he punched the panel, which lists the money on offer for the contestant, and accidentally cracked the board.


The selfish contestants…

It's less rare than you'd think, but many of the contestants are willing to show just how selfish they are in order to get help with the final chase.

In one epsiode, contestant Yvette was slammed by viewers as she tried to encourage fellow contestant Cliff to take the lowest offer possible so she wouldn’t have to do the final chase herself.

But Cliff bravely went for the chaser’s higher and scooped £45,000.

When contestant's names accidentally give you a giggle…

In 2018 there was a markedly beachy feel to the show when challengers Shelley, Cliff, Coral and Sandy showed up.

The four meant business as they attempted to take down the chaser, Shaun Wallace, but fans were understandably distracted by their seaside-inspired names.

Earlier in 2020, a major font fail left contestant Clint's name looking like a very rude word as he stood behind the desk.

Due to the unfortunate spacing in the font used for the name tags, stunned viewers thought that the Channel 4 quiz show was dropping the C-bomb.

Best Chase challenger ever…

A Scots grandad was dubbed the 'best ever' Chase contestant after smashing 20 questions in a row.

Retired teacher Frank Livingstone, from Airdrie, stunned millions of viewers of the hit ITV show in September with a blistering round that host Bradley described as “the performance of the century”.

The 63-year-old fought his way through 20 questions all on his own in the 'final chase' as he won a share of £11,000.

However, Frank had to keep quiet about his win for TWO whole years, as the show was not aired on STV until Friday, September 18.



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