The Chase's Shaun Wallace NOT impressed as Bradley Walsh jeers 'are you having a bad day?'

THE Chase's Shaun Wallace was NOT impressed after Bradley Walsh jeered 'are you having a bad day?'

Tuesday's edition of the ITV quiz show saw Shaun in the hot seat taking on four new contestants.

Retired policeman Calum was first up to the table and after his head to head with Shaun, he made it back to the team safely with £5,000 in the prize fund.

Next up was Suzanne, a full time mum, who didn't accept the high or low offer from Shaun and chose to play for the £4,000 she had earned in her Cash Builder.

She also made it back to her seat safely ready for the Final Chase, and Bradley said: "Well done. Two-nil to us."

The cheeky host then turned to Shaun and asked: "Having a bad day?”

Shaun hit back: “What? With only one question wrong?”

Undeterred, Bradley, 60, added: "Bad day at the office. Nine grand. Two-nil to us, Emma’s up after the break."

In a final dig before the ad break, Bradley said: "Can she make it an even worse day at the office? See you in a bit.”

While Shaun caught Emma, final contestant Daniel also made it through to the Final Chase and played for £15,000.

The trio managed to get 19 steps ahead and also secured a few push backs during Shaun's set of questions.

In the end it really was a bad day at the office for the Dark Destroyer, as he failed to catch the team and they pocketed £5,000 each.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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