The Drowning spoilers: Did Mark kidnap Tom?

The Drowning: Mark clashes with Jodie

The Drowning is a new thriller series on Channel 5 and it tells the story of a mother who lost her young son on a day out. Jodie (played by Jill Halfpenny) was grieving over her son Tom who went missing when he was four years old. Fans have been led to believe Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones) may have taken Tom the day he disappeared by the lake – but is this so?

Did Mark kidnap Tom?

The Drowning has been airing since Monday evening and viewers have found themselves taking on the detective role.

The dark series follows Jodie, who is still heartbroken over the loss of her son Tom, who went missing nine years previously.

One day she spots a schoolboy called Daniel (Cody Molko), who she believes to be her son and she managed to worm her way into his life.

On meeting his father Mark, Jodie becomes suspicious of Daniel’s upbringing and she believes the man may have kidnapped Tom at the lake.

Mark had been acting suspiciously whenever Daniel asked about his childhood, and he watched his son’s every move with great care.

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In the penultimate episode, Daniel had convinced himself he was actually Jodie’s son Tom.

The start of the episode showed a flashback of young Tom running through a forest and someone grabbed him.

From this, fans have questioned whether Tom really did drown, as his body was never recovered from the lake.

There is a possibility the person who grabbed him was Mark, as Jodie knew two witnesses never came forward that day.

Throughout the third episode, fans had seen Mark lure Jodie to one of his housing developments so he could question her motives.

But she hit him over the head and made her escape, whisking Daniel away to the port so they could catch the ferry to France.

They got as far as passport control but Jodie was arrested as Daniel’s fake passport was flagged up on the police system.

Jodie’s brother Jason (Jonas Armstrong) was called in to try and bail Jodie out of prison.

Mark had tried to visit Daniel at the police station but when he was not allowed to see him, he made a mysterious phone call.

He said he may be in need of a criminal lawyer and fans were wondering whom he had been conspiring with.

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The police carried out a DNA test and fans were shocked to find out Daniel was in face Jodie’s son Tom, and Mark had been kept in prison.

Still, fans continued to have their suspicions over what happened to Tom – and Daniel’s real identity.

The series has been described by fans as addictive, with one saying on Twitter: “The Drowning on Channel 5 is unmissable.

“The plot is gripping. Jill Halfpenny is on top form. It’s unpredictable. First two episodes are on catch up. The others are airing tonight and tomorrow. I am practically counting the hours!”

Actor Armstrong previously revealed his character is keeping a dark secret which is yet to come to light.

Fans will be keen to find out his role in the story after he decided to help Jodie in prison.

There has been speculation over how much the family knows about Tom’s disappearance and any member of the family could have had a part to play.

Mark may come across as the wrong-doer in the series, but viewers will have to wait and see whether he really did kidnap Tom.

The Drowning continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5

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