The Expanse season 6: Has the final season been delayed?

The Expanse: Amazon Prime release trailer for fifth season

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The Expanse last aired in December 2020 on Amazon Prime, with little news on when to expect the sixth and final season. As the months draw closer to its traditional release slot, some fans are concerned there could be a longer wait than usual. has all the details on season six of the sci-fi series.

Has the final season of The Expanse been delayed?

Based on the series of novels by James S.A. Corey, The Expanse has grown to become one of the most popular science-fiction series on TV. 

Since season five premiered last year, fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the sixth season.

Much to the disappointment of fans, Amazon Prime made the decision to bring the story to a close after season six.

However, before the end begins, viewers are still waiting for an update on when the season will actually release.

So far, Amazon Prime has not announced the release date of the last season, despite the fact the traditional release date is nearing.

This has caused some concern the season won’t release until 2022, but an upcoming announcement is imminent.

The Expanse will feature at the New York Comic-Con, with a panel showcase set for 12:45pm EST on October 8.

While the details of the panel are unconfirmed, it is believed the first trailer will be shown to fans.

However, it is not known if this will include the release date. will update this story when further details emerge.

If this is the case, then it is unlikely The Expanse will be delayed, with it still on track to hit a December 2021 release date.

All the main cast will be returning for the season, which has already wrapped filming and is currently going through an extensive post-production process due to the complexity of a science-fiction series.

Jim Holden (played by Steven Strait), Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper), Amos Burton (Wes Chatham), Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo), and Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams) will all return.

What will season six of The Expanse be about?

The plot for the sixth season is unconfirmed, though it will likely pick up directly from where season five left off.

At the end of season five, the crew of the Rocinante all came back together again after a season of separation.

They each set back Belter leader Marco Inaros’ (Keon Alexander) plans, putting a stop to his attack on Earth.

Sadly, pilot Alex Kamal (Cas Anver) died during these events, suffering a stroke while flying the Razorback.

Speaking to Collider, series producer Ty Franck revealed some of the ideas behind season six.

Franck explained: “I think, the thing that season six does is it pays off the story that we began in episode one of season one.

“The Martians, the Earthers, and the Belters were all in this incredibly uneasy and unstable political system with the Belters absolutely being at the foot of that table and everybody fighting for their place in the solar system.

“I think we pay off that story in a very satisfying way.”

The Expanse is available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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