The Fall season 3: What happened to Sally Ann Spector at the end?

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Netflix recently dropped British-Irish drama The Fall with many viewers watching the series. The show has now gained a new legion of fans with some coming to the show for the first time. But fans now want to know about unsuspecting wife Sally Ann Spector (played by Bronagh Waugh).

What happened to Sally Ann Spector at the end of The Fall?

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from all seasons of The Fall

Sally Ann had a traumatic time even before everything came out.

Not only had she had to do with her husband’s infidelity, she also suffered a miscarriage after she was imprisoned.

Actress Waugh told in 2016 about filming the harrowing moment: “We spent 14 hours that day in there and it was dark, I was crying, and to go through that moment of losing the baby in the prison was very upsetting.

“I hope I did it justice. It was a role I am very proud of. Certainly when I was finished that year I needed a break.

“I was cautious to make choices so that I wouldn’t be type cast and moved away from those types of roles.”

Understandably, Sally Ann was left shell-shocked after discovering her husband Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) had been murdering women across Belfast.

The kind mother-of-two was completely in the dark about her husband’s crimes and was distraught following his arrest.

There were times when she unwittingly helped him by providing an alibi to his crimes.

She tried to end her life when the pressure got too much after Paul’s murders became known.

Additionally, she tried to take her children with her as she drove her car into a body of water.

Thankfully, she failed and ended up in hospital while her children were taken into care.

The neo-natal nurse wasn’t seen in the explosive finale, leaving some viewers wondering what happened to her.

She was last seen unresponsive in a hospital bed and it wasn’t apparent whether or not she survived.

While there was no definitive answer, it’s clear she was left deeply traumatised after finding out the truth about her husband.

She had always believed Paul was a good man and had never doubted his commitment to their marriage until he had an affair with their teenage babysitter Katie Benedetto (Aisling Franciosi).

Presumably, if Sally Ann lived, she would have been upset by her husband demise and perhaps frustrated she would never get any answers for why he committed such depraved acts.

Speaking previously about the character, Waugh said in a behind-the-scenes video: “She loves her husband very much and I think he loves her too.

“But she’s completely in the dark to everything that’s been going on.

“So, it’s a difficult one to call and again with the baby-sitter and what’s happened with her forgiving him for that. Well, she hasn’t quite forgiven him for that.”

Since finding fame on The Fall, Waugh has gone on to do many projects across film and television.

The Northern Irish actress has featured in The CW’s Supernatural, TV series Channel Zero and ITV crime drama Unforgotten.

Among her film credits are Axis, Heart Overheard, A Dark Place, and Grace and Goliath.

She will next be appearing in Strike: Lethal White and ITV drama Des starring opposite David Tennant.

The Fall seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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