The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson slams 'ridiculous and stupid' Madagascar special and reveals plans for show in 2021

The Grand Tour's Jeremy Clarkson launched a scathing attack on the show's Madagascar special, branding it 'ridiculous and stupid'.

He also shared some details on the programme's future, as filming for another special in Russia was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeremy, 60, got emotional when he said goodbye to his co-stars and when asked if he missed testing cars, the former Top Gear presenter was very blunt in his response.

He told TVMag: "I don’t miss testing cars. Cars are becoming increasingly dreary and similar. The new Hyundai which is exactly the same as the Kia last week and the Volkswagen week before and the Renault the week before that. I think cars are going through a dreary period at the moment. To be brutally honest, it was gruelling.

"In each different series of the Grand Tour we were having to do 30 or 40 films and that meant going to 30 or 40 different countries and that meant coming up with 30 or 40 ideas which had to be bigger and better and brighter than what we’d done before.

"So it was becoming extremely hard work, bearing in mind the cars were becoming more and more boring. I don’t miss that really at all."

The future of The Grand Tour, it appears to be up in the air as Jeremy explained: "None of us know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks and months.

"We haven’t got a clue, but I would dearly love to keep going with the GT until I start repeating myself and drooling, and then it’s probably time for you to put me in a home.

"But I love travelling, I still love interesting old cars, interesting new cars as well. So I can think of nothing I’d like to do more forever and ever."

Clarkson, along with Richard Hammond and James May, took on the incredibly difficult terrain in Madagascar and made some very handy modifications to their cars in order to withstand the rocky roads.

The Who Wants to be a Millionaire presenter criticised the suitability of the cars used, but was satisfied with the alterations they made.

He shared: "The three cars for what we ended up doing were entirely inappropriate.

"A heavily modified ploughing Dakar Land Rover might have just been able to manage it. Those three cars were totally unsuitable – but for once our modifications weren’t that daft.

I hope those of us who likes cars will look at it and think – that’s impressive, what those cars did. They climbed over some things that cars shouldn’t be able to climb over. It’s a good petrol head story, this one.

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After several tours to different countries around the world, the motorhead trio have not only experienced different terrain but also different cultrues.

Jeremy gave his thoughts on who is the best in a genuine survival situation, and he was answered with no hesitation.

"Oh, that’s Richard Hammond. Richard genuinely takes himself off at weekends with nothing but a small stove, a little tent and he goes off to the Lake District when it’s raining and he sits just looking at rain inside a miserable tent with a miserable sleeping bag. He loves that stuff.

"James would just be useless, so I can’t think of anybody in the world – Maybe Theresa May, maybe it’s something to do with people being called May – but maybe Theresa May would be worse in a survival situation than James May, but it would be close."

The Grand Tour presents: A Massive Hunt is available on Amazon Prime Video now.

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