The Larkins heartache as Mariette and Charley split at Christmas? ‘May be over’

The Larkins reboot with Bradley Walsh begins on ITV

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The Larkins, which follows the lives of Pop (a wheeler-dealer) and Ma Larkin as well as their six children, is the latest adaptation of HE Bates’s 1958 novel The Darling Buds of May. Luckily for fans, the ITV comedy-drama will return for a festive special following on from the success of season one, which aired earlier this year. The star-studded cast includes Bradley Walsh (who portrays Pop Larkin), Joanna Scanlan (Ma Larkin), Tok Stephen (Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton) and Sabrina Bartlett (Mariette Larkin). Starstruck lovers Mariette and Charley could be left heartbroken after a bitter feud erupts on Christmas Eve.

In the first season, the show focused on a budding romance that developed between Mariette and village newcomer Charley.

Speaking ahead of the feature-length Christmas special, actor Tok revealed: “There’s been a rift between Charley and Mariette,” 

In the season finale, the pair ventured off into the sunset as they set off for France, despite Mariette’s family trying to convince her to stay.

Following their return, Pop and Ma are overjoyed to see them, unlike Charley’s parents who seem to have a difference of opinion.

After Charley’s father seemingly takes a “dislike” to Mariette, their Christmas eve turns out to be “incredibly tense”.

He continued: “Pop goes on the search for the mystery burglar who’s stealing the village’s most beloved items.”

“Needless to say it’s unclear whether or not it’ll be a joyous Christmas after all.” The actor confessed.

While the couple returned in time for the festive period, Tok revealed how the romantic getaway impacted their relationship.

He said: “Spending time in France alone with her has made him a whole new man who has embraced his artistic and creative side,”

The star claimed the couple are “yet to have their first true lovers tiff”. 

“And once they do, fear creeps in that the honeymoon stage may be over,” Tok continued.

He added: “And that they may not survive once they embark on their journey as a true couple.”

In the original Darling Buds of May series, Mariette married Charley, who was originally played by Philip Franks.

Pop’s eldest daughter Mariette was portrayed by Hollywood heavyweight Catherine Zeta-Jones.

After the entire village is left without lighting and heating following a power cut, chaos descends across the Larkins Farm.

While burglaries begin to take place, policeman PC Harness is on hand to investigate the culprit.

Much to the amusement of fans, PC Harness is played by Barney Walsh, who is the son of Bradley.

The pair have previously been together in their coming-of-age series Breaking Dad which aired on ITV.

To date, three series have aired, all of which were narrated by Alexander Armstrong, the presenter of hit quiz show Pointless.

Bradley and his son visit countries in an RV whilst taking part in a series of challenges.

The Larkins Christmas special airs on ITV for Christmas Day at 9pm

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