The Last Kingdom: What did David Dawson think of Alfreds bond with Uhtred?

The Last Kingdom: King Alfred’s Battle of Ethandun speech

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The Last Kingdom is built around Uhtred (played by Alexander Dreymon) and his relationships with the characters around him. Throughout the Netflix series, he develops many allies and even more enemies. But his bond with King Alfred (David Dawson) was central to the story until his passing in season three. But what did the star behind Alfred think of their bond?

What did David Dawson think of Alfred’s bond with Uhtred?

Throughout The Last Kingdom, Uhtred’s journey is both complex and filled with compromise as he struggles to find balance in his life.

Stuck between two completely different worlds, Uhtred is guided by various different people on his travels that influence him one way or another.

Alfred is one of them and throughout the three seasons he was on the show, the friendship the two shared was unlike any other.

The bond the pair had throughout the show is never an easy one as each and every scene the two spent together is filled with tension. 

Their knowledge of their different backgrounds and experiences made them an unlikely duo, but it was the differences they shared that built the closeness to their friendship.

Uhtred even helped Alfred defend Wessex several times, with Uhtred using his army to give Alfred more power in the region.

Their alliance ensured the Saxons and Danes thought twice about attacking, with the Viking strength of Uhtred bolstering his position.

Most of the conversations the two shared covered religion, with Alfred’s Christianity clashing with Uhtred’s Norse beliefs of Thor, Odin and Asgard.

Speaking to BBC America back in 2020, Alfred star Dawson explained the importance of their friendship and why it was central to the show.

Dawson explained: “What I love about the image of Alfred and Uhtred is that they are complete opposites of each other.

“In one, you have this brave, handsome warrior and then you have this thin, frail, but incredibly clever man and they both want what the other has.

“It is a bit of a love story because the conflict between them shows how they need each other to survive in this brutal world.”

The star went on to add how the two hated each other in the beginning, but they soon put aside their differences when they realised there was more than first impressions portrayed.

Sadly, their friendship was not to last, as Alfred eventually succumbed to illness during the third season of the show.

Before his passing, Uhtred promised Alfred he would remain in Winchester after his death to ensure that Edward (Timothy Innes) is crowned king.

One of Alfred’s last acts was to pardon Uhtred, allowing him to become Edward’s advisor.

The Last Kingdom is currently in development for season five, with the show moving forward many years after the death of Alfred.

Despite the time that has passed, their friendship influenced Uhtred immensely, with him still thinking back upon it.

The release date for season five is still unconfirmed, though there are hopes it will release in 2021.

With little information on the season so far this year, it is looking more likely fans will have to wait until 2022 to see season five.

The Last Kingdom is available to watch on Netflix.

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