The Munsters Teaser: First Footage From Rob Zombies Movie Based On 60s TV Classic

Director Rob Zombie unveiled the first footage from his cinematic spin on ’60s TV classic The Munsters today with an opening credits montage that mirrors the TV show’s, but with his 2022 cast in the roles of Herman, Lily and Grandpa Munster. Missing, however, are appearances from “ugly duckling” Marilyn and the werewolfish Eddie. You can watch it below.

After the black and white intro is over, the teaser segues to a color shot of the three characters sitting on the couch, surely an homage to the fact that the show aired in black & white but the associated movies with the same cast were in vivid color.

Chronicling the decidedly different lives of a family of friendly monsters from Mockingbird Heights, The Munsters originally aired from 1964-66 on CBS — in the same time frame that classic series The Addams Family ran on ABC. The sitcom wasn’t a monster hit but became a favorite in syndication during the ensuing decades, and a 1988-91 syndicated version followed. Decades later, NBC was in development on a reboot series from Jill Kargman and Seth Meyers.

See the original Munsters TV intro below.

Zombie first announced his Munsters film last summer, calling it the project he’s “been chasing for 20 years.” In the months since, he’s routinely teased the movie with social media posts, depicting set blueprints, the clay sculpture which would serve as the basis for Herman’s forehead prosthetic and more.

In October 2021, Zombie released a photo confirming some of the cast being that of Jeff Daniel Phillips (Herman Munster) Sheri Moon Zombie (Lily Munster) and Dan Roebuck (Grandpa Munster).

He’s adapting the classic comedy for Universal 1440 Entertainment, which may well mean that his monster film will stream on Peacock.

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