The Repair Shop: Suzie Fletcher amazes guest by restoring 100 year old bridle ‘Very proud’

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Father and daughter duo John and Ella from Gloucestershire visited The Repair Shop in a recent episode of the show. They brought with them their ancestor’s bridle that dated back over 100 years. But star of the BBC show, Suzie Fletcher, amazed the pair when she restored the family antique.

John and Ella brought the bridal onto the show and explained that it had not only belonged to a relative, but was made by one.

John explained that his great grandfather was a craftsman and had made the bridle himself over 100 years ago.

“He made it by hand. Hand stitched everything. But, there’s a few parts missing from it,” John told Suzie.

The father and daughter were unsure how much Suzie would be able to do with their family antique, but left it with her to restore.

Later on in the episode, John and Ella returned to the repair shop to pick up their beloved bridle.

An enthusiastic John said: “The bridal is part of our family history so we’re really excited to come here today and collect it.

“I can’t wait to see what the repair looks like and how it actually would have looked when it was originally made by my great grandfather,” he added.

Ella agreed, explaining that she was: “Excited to see how it looks.”

Before Suzie unveiled the newly restored bridle, John said: “It’ll just be nice to see something we can display and show really.”

Nervous to see Ella and John’s reaction, Suzie said: “Lets just do it. Let’s do it okay.”

When Suzie lifted the cloth that had been covering the restoration project, John instantly said: “It’s lovely. It really is quite impressive.”

Ella agreed, adding: “It’s amazing it’s really good.”

Speaking about her great great grandfather, who first made the bridle, Ella said: “I never knew him so to see something like that is amazing.”

When asked what his grandmother would have thought John said: “She’d be amazed to see it in this condition.”

Before leaving the repair shop with their newly restored family heirloom, Ella and John thanked Suzie for her hard work.

In an interview afterwards, John commented: “It’s great being reunited with the bridal and the restoration is so in keeping with how it would have looked the day it came off its horse.”

“It’s quite amazing to see it in this condition and how it’s been brought back to how my great great grandfather would have made it and wanted it to look,” Ella remarked.

John agreed, adding: “I think my great grandfather would be really happy to know it’s survived over 100 years.

“He’d be very proud of his work and I’m very proud of his work as well,” John concluded.

The Repair Shop is airing extended repeat episodes on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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