The View star Sunny Hostin reveals fears for teenage son

The View star Sunny Hostin has opened up about her concerns for her son, Gabriel, while discussing how parents worry for their youngsters. 

The mom-of-two revealed that she was concerned that someone would racially profile him and call the police on him one day as her fellow panellists supported her and her concerns. Watch the heartbreaking moment here… 

WATCH: The View star Sunny Hostin reveals fear for son Gabriel


Sunny has previously opened up about her heritage in her memoir I Am These Truths, explaining: “I have lived in the gray for so long, and it really is an uncomfortable place to be. My Black family considered me an other … my Puerto Rican and Jewish family treated me as other because I didn’t look like any of them either.” 

Sunny shared snaps of her son back in August for his birthday

Speaking about changing her name from Asunción to Sunny on the suggestion from Nancy Grace, she added: “I still regret it. I think I allowed my identity to be stripped from me, for my job. I don’t think Nancy was trying to strip me of my identity, or you know, Americanize me, or colonialize me, or anything like that. Nancy’s my friend, and it wasn’t ill-intentioned. I don’t think people would question my identity as much if I stuck with my given name.” 

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Sunny spoke candidly about her concerns

She has also previously spoken about balancing motherhood with her incredible career as a lawyer and TV personality, telling Closer: “The only way, honestly, is that I prioritize them, and my marriage. I’ve turned down more projects than I’m a part of. Even though I have two books coming out and a development deal with 21st Century, if something doesn’t allow me to go to every basketball game or track meet, it doesn’t happen.” 

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