The Walking Dead fans in frenzy over Rick and Michonne filming update

Dead City: Trailer for The Walking Dead spin-off

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Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danni Gurira) made their hotly-anticipated return to The Walking Dead universe in the AMC series finale earlier this year. Their comeback teed up a tantalising springboard to propel viewers into their own spin-off series as the TWD franchise expands despite the flagship drama ending. However, there had been very little word on when fans could expect to see ‘Richonne’ back on screens – until now. 

The Rick and Michonne series has now received a reported start date for filming – less than a month after season 11 came to its bloody and explosive conclusion.

Filming is tipped to begin on January 6, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution [via The Walking Dead World – Twitter].

However, by February, production is reported to up sticks and head to New Jersey to continue the TWD fan-favourites’ story.

While there’s still no news of an exact release date for the new episodes, especially with production yet underway, the latest update was enough to spark a frenzy among the TWD fandom.

Twitter user @Fairwinds10 replied to the report: “It’s pretty cold in New Jersey in February, guess we will see some Snow Walkers.”

While @twd_sylvia made their excitement known: “Awesome news can’t wait,” followed by applause emojis.

Elsewhere, @TheAireaidLord excitedly typed their response: “YOOOOO. This is clutch.”

And the anticipation levels kept on rising, with @cinemilfs weighing in: “Getting richonne content soon!”

Meanwhile, @GrimeyWalker expressed: “This makes me happy! I want to watch this in 2023 and filming in early January is a good sign. I’m excited for the REAL ending to The Walking Dead!”

And @twdluvrr concurred: “it literally feels like yesterday they announced this spin off IM SO EXCITED #TWD.” (Sic)

Originally billed as a series of Rick Grimes-led movies, the now spin-off show has had plenty of hype surrounding it for a while.

And the final few moments of The Walking Dead only added to this as it showed Rick and Michonne alive and well, albeit still on very separate paths.

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“I know you’re back there. I know your brother is back there. Just as sure as I know he’s out there. Somewhere,” Michonne narrated in the final episode, presumably in a message to Judith (Cailey Fleming). 

Before long, it became clear Rick was alive but clearly dishevelled and on an escape mission from the Civic Republic Cull Facility that fans had become familiar with from The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Michonne wasn’t alone in trying to reach out to her other half or the family they left behind as Rick was shown also writing correspondence.

However, while Michonne ended the series on a one-woman, walker-killing warpath, Rick’s cliffhanger was a lot more perilous.

Rick was located by the CRM and forced to surrender, meaning fans are expecting him to be imprisoned once the spin-off gets underway.

“Consignee Grimes,” a voice from a helicopter overhead barked at Rick. “You have been located and are instructed to surrender. 

“Remain in place with your hands up,” it added as Rick proceeded to do so with the skyline of Philadelphia sprawled beyond him.

With filming now reported to take place in Atlanta, fans will undoubtedly be eager to see what the fallout from TWD’s cliffhanger ending will be.

The Walking Dead seasons 1-11 are available to stream on Disnye+ in the UK now.

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