They dont have the grey matter Richard Madeley brilliantly sums up racist England fans

Euro 2020: Madeley says 'name and shame' racial abusers

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During Monday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid spoke with Sean Fletcher via video link about the racist abuse the England players received following their loss against Italy in the Euro 2020 final. Following the game, which saw England lose after a tense penalty shoot-out, football players Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho received racist abuse online. Madeley called for the racist trolls to be “locked up” and said “they don’t have grey matter” as he condemned their behaviour. 

Despite being disappointed for the England team, Madeley launched into a rant about the abuse some of the players faced as a result of the football match.

The host branded the trolling as “disgusting” and said they “should be locked up” for doing it.

“That is why it’s so sad that you get this racist abuse on social media, isn’t it?” Fletcher began.

“He’s [Saka] a young man. He’s played his heart out for England. You don’t need your supporters kicking you when you’re down.”

“I absolutely agree,” Madeley replied. “I do think personally, I think we’ve had enough of this racism.

“I think it’s not enough to call it disgusting. We have to track these people down.

“And it is possible through IP addresses. We need to spend some money, some time and some officers to get these guys and to being them to court and to lock them away.

“It is not representative of this country. It is a disgusting distortion of what this country now is today.”

He continued: “It didn’t use to be but now we are in a properly diverse wonderful country to live in.

“These people who are sending these messages are breaking the law.

“They’re breaking a profound moral code and they need to be dragged by the scruff of the neck into the dock.

“I don’t think it’s enough to criticise them or to call them names.

“We need to bring them to justice, don’t we?”

Chipping into the conversation, Reid agreed: “It’s one of the reasons that the players take to the knee before the game.

“I think anybody who criticises the players for taking a knee needs to have a long hard look at themselves.”

Madeley ranted: “I don’t think we can expect [the trolls] to think because I don’t think they’ve got the grey matter to think with.

“We’ve just got to come after them. Shut them down and drag them into the daylight and name and shame them.”

The segment sparked a strong reaction from viewers, with many throwing their support behind the England team.

One viewer penned: “I am Proud of the England team, but I am Completely disgusted by racist and violence of some England supporters. I am totally sick of this type of behaviours and in this modern diverse world! Well done England and big hug. X” (sic)

Another said: “Same old England. The boys did us proud but yet we have to resort to racism and hate.

“I’m glad Italy won & my heart goes out to our team who gave everything they had for us! I think fans should be banned from WC, as I wouldn’t want the rest of the world thinking we are all like that!” (sic)

A third added: “I agree with Richard these people don’t represent England fans or British people they make me sick bring them to justice name and shame them if they don’t like our togetherness and love for each other than please go and live in another country.”

“Losing a game of football brings the worst out in some so-called fans. Disgrace. Brings shame on our country and makes losing even more painful.” (sic)

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