Theyre taking us for a ride! EU officials earn more than Boris Johnson says Farage

Farage reveals EU officials 'earn more' than the PM

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Actor Christopher Biggins has claimed that the EU countries “are taking us for a ride”, explaining why he was for Brexit. In the meantime, former Brexit leader Nigel Farage was saying that the EU officials “earn more” than Boris Johnson.

Nigel Farage asked Christopher Biggins on GB News: “Dare I ask you. You don’t have to answer this because it could be career ruining.

“But what about Brexit, how did you feel about Brexit?”

Christopher Biggins answered: “Well I was for Brexit. I’ve got lots of friends in businesses who have suffered badly.

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“But they say they have-I didn’t know if they suffered as much as they tell us they’ve suffered.

“But we had to get out of Europe. I mean they were taking us for a ride.”

He went on: “And they’re still taking us for a ride! They say ‘you’ve been a very naughty country for leaving now you’re gonna have to pay even more’, because a lot of people were just earning money office.”

Nigel Farage chipped in: “Oh, I worked over there for 20 years.

“In a way I was one of them but I saw, I mean, just the sheer largesse in Brussels, everything that was provided of-the best careers.

“When I left there were 10,000 people working in Brussels, as bureaucrats who earn more than the British Prime Minister.

He went on: “10,000 of them. And it was a very cushy easy life.

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Mr Farage then asked whether Britain could get “confidence back”.

Mr Biggins said in reply: “Well I do hope so because I do think we’re a very confident country.

“I think we’ve bred some wonderful people, wonderful actors, so many wonderful things-film actors.

“I mean it’s great this country is a great Britain. We mustn’t forget that.”
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