Tiny 108 sq ft London flat with no toilet is yours to rent for £940 a month

Welcome to London, the concrete jungle where dreams are made… and dashed.

Here, not only do you get to enjoy such delights as an artificial hill providing views of scaffolding, but you also get the chance to live in one of the city’s iconic properties in a dreamy location.

For the bargain price of £940 a month, for example, you can call yourself a resident of Kensington – the west London borough where Royals and Made In Chelsea types hang out.

And just wait until you see your dwellings for this fine chunk of your paycheque.

Behold: a studio flat that provides… 108 sq ft of space.

What’s in that space, you might ask? Well, all sorts of delights.

There’s a double bed, from which you can easily lean over and touch the sink (wash your hands without leaving your bed! The dream!), a ‘kitchen’, and a dining area cum desk, positioned right by the window.

Calling the ‘kitchen’ a ‘kitchen’ is perhaps a bit of a stretch, as there’s no hob or oven, but there is a sink and a microwave. Win.

There’s no bathroom as such, but you do get your very own shower, wedged into a wardrobe space.

One thing that is missing, however, is a toilet. We assume/hope there are some in the building, which could perhaps provide an opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

Foxtons, who are listing the property for £940 a month, describe it as follows: ‘Set on the 2nd floor of a wonderful brick-built building, this studio offers bright and airy interiors presented in a neutral décor, and includes fitted wardrobes’.

The use of ‘neutral décor’ to describe the classic choice to paint all the walls of a rental a bleak, uninspiring cream? Genius, in our books.

The listing goes on to note that the studio is ‘well arranged’ and has ‘fitted wardrobes’, and adds that the flat is available with zero deposit.

It also highlights the location, which matches the price tag – the flat Barons Court, with easy access to West Kensington Tube station and Holland Park.

If you fancy jumping at the chance to pay nearly £1,000 a month to shower in what’s effectively a cupboard by your bed, you can find out more through the listing.

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