Tipping Point fans baffled as player gives painful answer to JFK question

Tipping Point viewers were left feeling very confused when one contestant gave a very baffling answer.

During the quick-fire round on the hit ITV game show host, Ben Shepherd asked contestant SJ about US politics.

The contestant had 30 seconds to answer as many questions as she could in that time frame.

However, it was this one particular question that baffled viewers with her response.

Host Ben asked: “Former US president John F Kennedy was often referred to by what three-letter abbreviation?

And while SJ may not have known the answer, or even forgot as she was put under pressure by the quick-fire questions, she replied “Ted” to which host Ben corrected her and said: “JFK.”

Taking to Twitter one person said: “Former US president John K Kennedy was often referred to by what three letter abbreviation? SJ ‘Ted’ Shepherd ‘JFK’," alongside with several laughing crying face emojis.

A second commented: “JFK before the incident,” along with a picture of Ted from the US comedy film of the same name.

Another added: “JFK was known as Ted? God give me strength.”

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A fourth said: “Ted,” along with some crying face emojis.

Another commented: “F*** that was painful to watch.”

One person said: "Ted!!! Are SJ and Anne Widdecome related in any way?”

They were referring to the episode of the British MP’s time on the show and her technique.

Before the quick-fire round SJ had £250 in her cash prize pot but by the end of the round she got two correct answers bringing her total to £350.

The contestant then dropped her two counters she won from the round into the machine where she managed to get five counters out.

This then brought her overall to £600 but it sadly wasn’t enough for SJ because she had the least amount of money compared to her two fellow contestants as they had answered more questions correctly and got more money out of the Tipping Point machine.

It had meant that SJ was eliminated from the round and had lost her chance of winning the jackpot on the game show.

Tipping Point continues on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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