Tough Love Atlanta star teases ‘redemption’ in season 2

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Ex-football player Julian Horton is an up-and-coming TV and film star with several major projects already under his belt. Before co-starring with Yellowstone’s Neal McDonagh in the upcoming sports film Black Spartans, the actor got his break on cult favourite drama Tough Love: Atlanta, which he confirmed exclusively to is currently preparing for a second season.

Rising star Horton revealed his Tough Love character Drew could get a redemption arc in the second season of the show.

The relationship drama set within the Atlanta music industry debuted on YouTube last year and has already built up a dedicated following.

A second season is currently in the works and promises more chaos in the Georgia capital to come.

“Tough Love: Atlanta is an interesting show. It dives into the relationship world and shows the black couple’s side of what’s going on in the dating scene of Atlanta,” Horton explained.

“My character Drew, it’s kind of a common thing going on in today’s world – he’s a guy who wants to have his cake and eat it too.

“He wants to have a relationship but still have the option to talk to other girls. And that always creates chaos.”

During the series, Drew’s career is threatened by an intense row with his friend Kenny (Kadeem Isaiah).

Meanwhile, his personal life is also on thin ice when he tries to broach an open relationship with his girlfriend Lisa (Alisha S Ward).

“People’s feet are being stepped on and rules are being broken,” Horton said.

“I would consider Drew to be a good guy, but he’s a guy who wants a lot of things. He’s confused about what he really wants.

“He finds himself wanting to have monogamy because the stuff that he wanted wasn’t as glittery and gold as he assumed it to be.”

Viewers were left unsure of Drew’s fate after he was beaten up in the season finale, and it’s still unclear if Lisa is willing to take him back.

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While the first instalment didn’t end well for Drew, Horton is hopeful he can win back the respect of his peers if Tough Love returns.

“We’re actually in talks right now,” he confirmed. “We’re talking about it. The creators reached out to us.

“I definitely think we should, because there were a lot of cliffhangers that need to be answered in season two.”

As for where Drew could be headed, Horton teased: “I’d like to see Drew gain more wisdom from season one.

“And actually have his character turn around and not be so selfish. I want him to have a revolution with himself, to have that redemption.

“He has to come out back on top. I want him to have redemption in the things he chooses, and show people he can change.”

Horton’s career has started to blow up since starring in Tough Love with a major role in Black Spartans and a number of other projects, but hopefully, he can find time to continue Drew’s story after season one’s dramatic conclusion.

Tough Love: Atlanta is available to watch on YouTube.

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