Voice Recap: 'Younger Brandi Carlile' Leaves the Coaches Hearing 'Stars'

As Season 23’s Blind Auditions continued Tuesday night on The Voice, we were treated to not one but two Bee Gees covers, a creative reinterpretation of a much-covered Burt Bacharach/Hal David classic and a star turn by a youngster who was compared — and favorably, need we add? — to the great Brandi Carlile. And if you read on, we’ll dissect all of their performances.

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Kate Cosentino (Team Niall), “I Say a Little Prayer” — Grade: B+ | After describing her musical style as “dad jokes put to jazzy guitar,” this quirktastic Nashvillian in “clown couture” stripped Dionne Warwick’s golden oldie all the way down, putting her clear-as-a-bell voice front and center and charming everyone within hearing range. Except Blake, that is. Curiously, though Kate’s twist on the classic was inventive and ear-catching, it did leave me wondering how she’d fare on material that she wasn’t allowed to mold to her unique sound.

Chloe Abbott (Team Chance), “How Deep Is Your Love?” — Grade: C- | This 2024 Olympic hopeful (in track and field) sang the Bee Gees’ hit with the lightness of morning mist. But she sounded hella pitchy to me (or maybe I just didn’t care for her tone?). As lovely and poised as the one-chair turn was, I couldn’t imagine her making it past the Battles. She just doesn’t sound like she has the vocal firepower or range to run the marathon that is The Voice.

Marcos Covos (Team Kelly), “Tú Sólo Tú” — Grade: B | This 30-year-old Texan, initially rejected by his family when they learned that he is gay, seemed to win over Kelly just by performing Selena’s song. (The coach loves the hell out of a number in Spanish!) But the two-chair turn’s performance had more going for it than its language. It was really spirited and full of emotion, and Marcos did a pretty awesome job of stretching out his long notes to ensure that the panel had time to notice how good he was and lean forward accordingly.

Tiana Goss (Team Niall), “Emotion” — Grade: B- | After failing to get a chair turn in Season 22, this 29-year-old returned with her winning smile intact — and a rendition of the Bee Gees-penned “Emotion” that inspired a chair turn from Niall. Hearing her right after Chloe was interesting, wasn’t it, as it kinda forced us to compare their performances on very similar numbers. Hands down, I preferred Tiana, whose vocal was infinitely sweeter and, it seemed, way better controlled.

Mary Kate Connor (Team Blake), “Stars” — Grade: A- | Ahead of her audition, this 17-year-old feared that nerves were going to keep her from doing her best. But Lord, if this wasn’t her best, how good must the two-chair turn be ordinarily? Her vocal was beautiful, pristine, soaring. Kelly went so far as to liken Mary Kate to a younger Brandi Carlile. Curious that she only attracted two instead of all four coaches; she strikes me as one to watch. Or, well, listen to!

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