Waiting for the plague of locusts now Kate Garraway despairs as house floods

GMB: Kate Garraway reveals she has a sore eye

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Kate Garraway has been put through the wringer recently, between her husband Derek Draper’s ongoing COVID-19 battle and suffering from an inflamed cornea. The Good Morning Britain presenter has now opened up about her house flooding ahead of her son Billy’s birthday party. Speaking on Monday’s Smooth Radio, the 54-year-old quipped that she’s “waiting for a plague of locusts” to hit.

Speaking on Smooth Radio, Kate explained she was overjoyed Derek, 53, was able to come home after over a year in the hospital battling COVID-19 and the aftermath of the relentless illness.

The past 18 months have been horrific for Kate and her family, yet the presenter has managed to stay strong, host Good Morning Britain, and help make the award-winning ITV documentary Finding Derek to shed a light on the illness.

However, the past year has taken a toll on Kate who recently appeared on Good Morning Britain wearing thick glasses as she was struggling with an inflamed cornea.

The host has now opened up on her family home flooding at a time she had “all sorts of things going on”. 

She revealed on Monday’s instalment of the radio show that everything at home was thrown into disarray when her house flooded.

She explained: “All sorts of things were going on at our house. We had a flood as well.

“I know, I know. I’m just waiting for the whole plague of locusts now because it feels like we’ve had everything going on in our house!”

Kate said she’s been “dealing with family stuff” so hasn’t been able to update her social media much in a candid Instagram post as her Smooth Radio show aired.

Dressed up for the wintery weather, Kate posed with her producer James Daniels for a reunion picture.

She posted alongside the snap: “Hey, sorry not been on here for a while – went below the radar for a bit to focus on home and family stuff – more of that to come.

“But what lovely news to come back to @smoothradio with this morning – our show now has a record-breaking over 2.5million listeners!”

She added: “So glad you love the show as much as I do and here’s the star of it – my brilliant producer @jamesdanielsjd. See you tomorrow at 10!”

While she opened up about the flood on Monday, it isn’t clear whether the star was referencing the flood her house suffered back in July or a new one.

In July Kate revealed on Good Morning Britain a flood in her home was caused by torrential downpours across the UK.

Speaking on the news programme at the time, Kate turned to weatherman Alex Beresford and said: “My weather week has been… I have lived the weather of the week, Alex.

“Severe flooding and storms on Monday night so woke up on Tuesday morning to find…”

Kate took a moment before explaining: “We live on a hill – so you come in the door at one level and you go down the steps to the back garden – everything underneath completely flooded.”

“Completely flooded,” Kate added before venting: “Total nuisance. Total nightmare.”

Kate lives in north London with Derek, and two children Darcey and Billy.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV between 6am and 9am.

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