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MASTERMIND is one of the toughest quiz shows on the telly where contestants take the famous black chair to answer a series of questions.

Here's everything you need to know about the highest and lowest scores.

What is the highest ever Mastermind score?

The highest-ever Mastermind score was obtained by Kevin Ashman in 1995.

He achieved 41 points and his specialist subject was The Life of Martin Luther King.

Kevin went on to become the world's number one quizzer, taking part in world and European championships.

He has been on Eggheads since 2003 and from 2002 to 2006 he was one of the question setters for Radio Four's quiz show Brain Of Britain.

Ashman also won Sale of the Century, Screen Test, Quiz Night, Trivial Pursuit and The Great British Quiz.

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What is the lowest ever Mastermind score?

Parasport athlete Kadeena Cox currently holds the record for the overall lowest score of three points.

She appeared on the Celebrity edition of the show in December 2016.

She is the only ever contestant to score no points in a round.

The previous record for the overall lowest score is five points, set by software analyst Kajen Thuraaisingham in January 2010.

On his specialist subject – the life of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (the founder of modern Turkey) he got four points.

But in the General Knowledge round, he only got one out of 15 questions right.

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Can you win money on Mastermind?

Unlike other gameshows, there is no cash prize for winning Mastermind.

However, the victor receives a Caithness Glass bowl – each one is unique and decorated by engraver Denis Mann.

They also have the honour and glory of being crowned Mastermind champion.

Previous winners have gone on to become minor celebrities such as London cabbie Fred Housego who won in 1980.

Although he did not give up his taxi licence when he began his media career and was still driving a cab in 2007, according to reports.

Mastermind first aired in 1972 with host Magnus Magnusson.

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In 2021, Clive Myrie became the fifth-ever host of the quiz show after John Humphrys.

The show's format is that contestants must answer questions on General Knowledge followed by a specialist subject of their choice.

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