Which school does Love Island's Hugo teach PE at?

LOVE Island's Hugo Hammond continues to provoke fan curiosity, all intrigued by his profession.

PE teacher Hugo told his students he was leaving for another school in London before making his first steps in the villa.

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Which school does Love Island's Hugo teach PE at?

Hugo has previously worked in a boarding school in Tiverton.

As he has once posted on his Instagram account, the 24-year-old worked as a PE teacher at Blundell's School, in Devon.

Last January, he shared a snap of himself next to a whiteboard that reads: "Blundell's Home HIIT with Mr Hammond."

A picture to kick off his "first remote practical PE lesson."

Speaking of his job, he couldn't hide his enthusiasm. "I teach secondary school PE. Absolutely love my job", he said.

"I love all my sports. It's great to be able to pass on that enthusiasm to be physically active to the younger generation and hopefully they feel the same about me teaching them."


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How long has Hugo been a PE teacher?

Not much is known about Hugo's time as a PE teacher.

However, when asked to react about the islander's raunchy confessions about his sex life, a representative from Blundell's School stated to The Daily Star that "Mr Hammond was here on a very short placement during his teacher training in the Spring Term."

Before turning to teaching PE, Hugo was a professional cricket player.

The Hampshire-born Love Island contestant played for England PD (Physical Disability).

But following his stint on Love Island 2021, and perhaps after finding love, will Hugo consider getting back to teaching?

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Will Hugo return to teaching after Love Island?

While his plans post-Love Island remain unknown, fans have been worried he may lose his daily job after his stay in the Majorca villa.

As he was never employed by Blundell's School, it has been made clear that he won't be welcomed back.

"He was not employed by the school", assured the school's spokesperson to The Daily Star.

Hugo is currently paired up with fellow islander Sharon and has escaped a quick departure.

This Wednesday's (30 June) episode saw Shannon being booted out of the villa when Chloe chose to couple up with Aaron, leaving her single.

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