Will Poulter is terrified of new horror Midsommar – even though he's IN it, he tells Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show

WILL Poulter is terrified of new horror movie Midsommar – even though he’s in it.

Speaking on Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show today, the actor said that while he’s always uneasy seeing himself on screen, this horror movie is particularly scary.

He said: “To be honest, any time I do see myself on screen it is horrifying for different reasons, but to watch something and be genuinely so affected by it, when you can see the scenes and the working out as it were… but this one terrified me to my core, despite the fact I knew it was a film I was in.”

The film is about a group of American students who travel to Sweden for a festival – and then things go weird and very, very scary.

Will added: “Without spoilers, the film is about an innocent and intellectual trip to this community in rural Sweden that takes an unexpected and sinister turn.

“To a certain extent the American students are trying to assimilate to Swedish culture.

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“They get sucked in more than they ever expected and things start to go wrong. I can't say much more than that but [there] might be a little bit of disembowelling!”

And Will told Chris he’d done the research for the part by going to Sweden – but his trip wasn’t as sinister as the film.

“To prepare I actually went to a Midsommar party in Sweden with the director [Ari Aster] and partook in the Midsummer traditions, which are really interesting,” he says.

“It is one of the things about the film, it looks beautiful on the surface but there is a sinister underbelly.

“Everyone in Sweden is lovely, so beautiful so this film is not an accurate depiction of what Midsommar is like in Sweden!

“It is an annual festival, as far as I can tell it is very much a happy unifying celebration of community….There is Aquavit – a Swedish liqueur.

“I had enough Aquavit for a while after that trip, but it is very nice, very nice… You have to do your research and commit!”

He's not the only one to be scared – viewers in cinemas claim that they can't sleep after seeing Midsommar.

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