Will there be a season 2 of Before We Die?

CHANNEL 4's six-part crime thriller Before We Die has reached a dramatic conclusion.

But will there be a second series? Here's what we know so far – but watch out for SPOILERS.

Will there be a season 2 of Before We Die?

It's unclear whether they'll be another series of Before We Die, filmed in Bristol.

Channel 4 hasn't renewed the drama yet, although the first series was only released in May 2021.

And Lesley Sharp, who plays main character Hannah, wants to reprise her role.

She told the Radio Times in a recent interview: "They all survive by the skin of their teeth so they need a bit of rest and recuperation if they're coming back.

"But you know, I think the thing is those questions are always down to – they’re sort of not really down to us.

"It’s down to whether or not the show proves to be something that people want to watch.

"You can't second guess that. You can keep your fingers crossed because you think something's good but there’s no knowing."

Patrick Gibson, who plays Christian, also wants to return for another series.

He recently told Digital Spy: "There’s no plot lines that are left unanswered necessarily, but the show ends on – like yeah absolutely [there could be] more, it could develop.

"I would love to [make a second season], I think even just to see.

"For every character there’s an emotional arc that happens where they’re not the same person as they are at the start of the show.

"[To] pick that up and see a whole other few episodes with them would be really cool."

How can I watch season 1 of Before We Die?

The full series is available to watch online NOW via All 4.

The first episode aired on Wednesday, May 26 on Channel 4.

Before We Die is not expected to be taken off the streaming platform any time soon.

What is Before We Die about?

The drama follows detective Hannah Laing, who is investigating the murder of a colleague.

She links the killing to the Mimicas, a family who run a successful restaurant in Bristol.

But Hannah's son Christian works in the restaurant, implicating him in the murder case and leaving the detective in a difficult situation.

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