Yellowstone: Who does Buck Taylor play in Yellowstone?

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Yellowstone season three wrapped up on Paramount Network in the US and fans are eagerly awaiting season four. One of the recurring characters in the series is Emmett Walsh, and he is played by Buck Taylor. has everything you need to know about Buck Taylor and his role in Yellowstone.

Who does Buck Taylor play in Yellowstone?

Buck Taylor plays the role of Emmett Walsh in the series, and he is an experienced ranch hand.

Even at his age, he loves cowboy work and is still a part of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch family.

He starred in the first season of Yellowstone, in the episodes Daybreak, The Long Black Train and A Monster Is Among Us.

The ranch hands are considered a part of the Dutton family and they are often given a second chance in life by John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

The Dutton ranch is one of the most notorious in the area and the family is keen to protect it at all costs.

Emmett Walsh also made an appearance in the season three finale episode.

Other ranch hands in the series include Teeter (Jennifer Landon) and Jimmy (Jefferson White).

Buck Taylor was born Walter Clarence Taylor and the American actor is 82-years-old.

He is famous for his roles in Western shows, including the CBS series Gunsmoke.

The actor also took on a role in the sci-fi series The Outer Limits in the 1960s.

He is the son of a famous Hollywood actor, Dub Taylor, who appeared alongside John Wayne in films.

He grew up on film sets but started off on a different career path, studying art at the University of Southern California.

Taylor began his acting career in the 50s and went on to star in Dallas and Walker, Texas Ranger.

In 2003 he landed the starring role Harry Dodds in the film Truce, who was a modern-day rancher trying to protect his family and ranch.

The storyline for this film is very similar to than in Yellowstone.

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Taylor has a place on the Texas Trail of Fame which recognises those who have made significant contribution to Western ways of life.

The star is also the winner of a Multi-Western Heritage Award.

Following his role in Yellowstone he has recently taken on roles in Billy and the Bandit, and The Captives, which are both in pre-production stages.

Fans have taken to Twitter to welcome back the star who appeared in season three, episode 10 of Yellowstone.

One said: “Loved seeing Buck Taylor back on the show @Yellowstone.”

Another fan said: “Hold on! Was that Buck Taylor on @Yellowstone?!”

The star is known to be a Western legend and fans were quick to spot him in the season finale.

Another viewer said: “Legendary cowboy Buck Taylor – Hall of Famer! Awesome they bring out a legend for a scene #Yellowstonetv.”

They will be looking forward to seeing more of the star in season four of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network and Prime Video in the US

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