Yes, I *Do* Need to Speculate Wildly About the Fate of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Welp, we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic, and as a result, things are a little up in the air with, well, everything. Including our messiest friend Bachelor in Paradise. The question on everyone’s mind: WILL THE SHOW GO ON? The answer:

Not gonna lie, it doesn’t seem like Bachelor in Paradise made the cut on ABC’s lineup this year—but there are some clues that the show was filmed in secret. If you’re bored and/or need more evidence, here, I launched a casual investigation.

Exhibit A: ABC Jumped Straight from The Bachelorette to The Bachelor

Usually, Bachelor in Paradise is filmed during the summer, but in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s currently fall (I agree, what is time) and *looks around* nothing has been filmed—at least, nothing has obviously been filmed (more on that in a moment). Instead, ABC devoted their resources to trapping a bunch of contestants in a resort with Clare Crawley, resulting in the most dramatic Bachelorette season to date. On top of that, it looks like production then immediately pivoted to filming Matt James’ season of The Bachelor—which should air in early 2021. In other words, they didn’t have time for BiP.

Exhibit B: Chris Harrison’s Quote

Chris Harrison straight-up confirmed that BiP has been axed, telling StyleCaster the following:

I mean…sure, dude, but go ahead and read Exhibit C because SOMETHING is up.

Exhibit C: Weird Activity on The Bachelorette Set

IDK if you were paying attention to spoilers during Clare’s filming, but sh*t got weird. And by that I mean multiple random Bachelor alums were spotted on set—prompting speculation that ABC was potentially filming The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise at the same damn time. This honestly seems unlikely, but a deranged fan girl can dream.

Look, I’m not saying Chris Harrison is trying to throw everyone off the scent with that quote ^ but clearly there’s more to the story. So NO, I will not be closing this investigation, thx. Now back to pretending my couch is a beach chair.

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