You look great! Bradley Walsh blown away as Anne Hegerty debuts new look

The Chase: Bradley compliments Anne on her haircut

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On Wednesday’s episode of The Chase, Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants to take on Anne “The Governess” Hegerty. Kathryn, Lynne, Dan and Kieran had to work together in a bid to win as much money as possible for their cash fund. However, before the game had even begun Bradley was left distracted by Anne’s appearance.

As Anne came out to face the first contestant, Bradley complimented: “Anne, I love your new haircut.”

“Thank you very much indeed, Bradley,” Anne replied.

“That is great,” the host continued. “You look great.”

Contestant Kathryn pointed to her own haircut, as she chipped in: “I’ve had mine done just like yours.”

Some viewers were also loving Anne’s new look, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts – although others were left divided by the quizzer’s appearance.

One penned: “Love the new haircut, Anne.”

Another quizzed: “Anne, I love you…but not sure on the hair?”

A third wrote: “I don’t mind Anne, but the hair?”

A fourth praised “Anne is looking good with the new haircut.”

As Bradley continued with the show, Kathryn was the first contestant to go head-to-head with Anne.

However, luck wasn’t on her side as she was the first player to be sent home.

Next up was Lynne who took on The Governess after she stormed through the quick-fire question round.

She also managed to keep up with Anne and won £5,000 for the team’s cash fund.

The next player to try their luck in the question round was delivery driver, Dan.

He managed to answer six questions correctly, which led to Bradley to praise: “Nicely played, Dan.”

Anne gave Dan the option to play for a higher offer of £40,000 or a lower offer of £1,000.


However, he decided to play it safe and stick to the £6,000 he had already won.

Dan also seemed to impress Anne as he sailed through to the final round.

Despite a rocky start, Kieran also managed to make it through to the final round.

The trio then faced Anne in the final round and although they gave it their best shot, it wasn’t enough to beat Anne who caught the team’s target of 19 steps with 18 seconds to spare.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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