You season 3 title card: Who is Mark Blum?

Netflix annouce You Season three

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You season three is streaming on Netflix now and fans were thrilled to see the nailbiting drama return. In the first episode, titled And They Lived Happily Ever After, a title card appears, paying tribute to Mark Blum. has all you need to know about who the star was and what happened.

Who is Mark Blum?

You season three has finally arrived and the psychological thriller contains more dark twists than ever before.

Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) moved to a quaint suburb in California with his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

They struggled to fit in as they dedicated their time to raising their baby son, Henry.

At the end of the first episode, a title card appears paying tribute to Mark Blum.

Blum was an American actor who died in March 2020, aged 69, from complications associated with COVID-19.

In the series he played Mr Mooney for four episodes in season one, and he appeared in flashbacks in the second season.

His character was the owner of Mooney’s and was the surrogate father of Joe Goldberg.

In the series, the book store owner suffered a stroke and as Joe was preoccupied with Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), he was unable to reach him in time.

The star died in Manhatten and a close family friend, actor Lee Wilkof, explained it was amid the coronavirus pandemic and Blum suffered from asthma

Known for his roles on both stage and screen, one of his breakout moments was in 1989 in Gus and Al.

He appeared in a total of nine Broadway productions across his career, making his stage debut in The Merchant.

At the time of his death, he was teaching at HB Studio in New York, leading on a core training program.

One of his last film roles was in Sister of the Groom, where he played Nat in the posthumous release.

He also starred in two episodes of the series Tommy, as Jacob Fulton, in 2020.

Blum is survived by his wife Janet Zarish, the actress, whom he married in 2005.

In a video interview he explained his love for the study of acting and how it fed his curiosity.

He said: “What is the journey of self-discovery that you begin on that allows you to join your own curiosity about who you are with your curiosity about what the human race is — and how to channel that into the work?”

One of his most successful roles was in the film Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper paid tribute to the star on Twitter at the time of his death.

He said: “Sad to see on @SHO_Billions Mark Blum, 69, who died March 26 from complications related to coronavirus. RIP.” [Sic]

Faces of Covid retweeted a message from a family member, which said: “Many people knew my uncle from stage and screen, but to me, he was just Uncle Mark.

“As the year anniversary of his passing approaches, his absence still affects my family every day.”

His Desperately Seeking Susan co-star, Rosanna Arquette, told Huffington Post: “He was a wonderful, kind, gentle, wonderful actor with a great sense of humour.”

You season 3 is streaming on Netflix now.

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